The owner may choose to have a Public or Private bid for contractors: Public bids are open to all contractors with the lowest bid automatically winning, Private bids are when the client chooses which contractors they would like to bid on the project; the client can then review all bids and decide which contractor they would like to hire. The Architect can assist the client through the bidding process.



Public Bid – A Public Bid on a project means that any qualified contractor can make a bid on the project. In this case the lowest qualified bid automatically wins.

Private Bid– In a Private Bid the owner receives bids by contractors that have been pre-selected. The owner privately reviews the bids and can decide on which bid best suits his needs.

  • Notification to bidders / advertisement for bids
  • Distribution of bid documents
  • Addenda
  • Project walk – thru
  • Bid opening
  • Analysis and award
  • Construction agreement

Selection / Negotiation

  • Invitation to a pre-screened list of contractors
  • Screening contractor information submitted
  • Invitation for interview
  • Interviews
  • Rating and Selection
  • Bid preparation and negotiation

(Because of the adversarial relationships promoted by the public bidding process and our conviction that the client is best served by a contractor/architect team, MBA strongly recommends the Selection / Negotiation method of contractor procurement. If this process is conducted early in the design stage, the contractor can participate and there by assist in meeting the budget.)

The early selection of a contractor is mandatory for LEED certification.