Construction Documents – Upon conclusion of the Design Development phase, the Architect and his engineering team prepare detailed working drawings formerly known as blueprints. These documents include floor plans, enlarged plans, wall sections, ceiling plans, power/communication plans, finish plans, elevations, and details. Written specifications are added to further establish the quality levels of materials and workmanship required for the project. Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and other building systems are carefully integrated into the architectural envelope. Specifications are finalized and the Building Permit process begins. The Architect or the owner may apply for the building permits with the city. The Architect and his team respond to city review commentary and revise the documents as required to bring the project to a “permit ready” status. The owner or the contractor will take out the permit.


Obtaining LEED certification plays an active role throughout the process. Prior to developing Construction Documents in the early design stages, the Architect and consultants review and assess LEED certification criteria and develop the design to obtain the highest possible LEED certification.

  • LEED & Build-It-Green analysis & processing