Tierra Encantada

Commercial / Multifamily Housing

Located on Alum Rock Ave., the east gateway to downtown San Jose, this 93-unit mixed-use family housing project is designed for 100% affordability. The State tax credits require, among many other features, that the project be at least 15% better than Title 24 (State Energy Code) would allow. The construction will feature extra insulation, Low-E coated windows, energy star appliances, solar power-generation and very efficient heating systems designed to allow future air-conditioning.

The layout covers the entire 18 acre site with a parking garage surrounded by commercial rental space aong Alum Rock Ave., and ground floor apartments fronting the south and west perimeters. The garage is covered by a concrete podium structure with five wood-framed two and three story apartment buildings above and a single story community building surrounding an open air courtyard. A childrenís play area and family use areas are provided in the courtyard.

The apartments range from one to four bedrooms, with the two-bedroom models predominating. All apartments have private balconies or patios. Client: Community Housing Developers; projected completion October 2004.