Langridge Residence  Remodel

Los Gatos, CA

SIZE: 1,400 s.f.

DATE: 1993

COST: $200,000

In bringing together an extended family, this project adds a grandfather's flat to a home nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The shifting soils of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake affected considerable damage to the existing house. Since structural retrofit was necessary, the homeowners seized the opportunity to address other shortcomings in their home. The new addition replaced an existing garage, creating an apartment for the client's father -- who is joining their household -- and a three-car garage.

The apartment provides 950 square feet of habitable space with a bedroom, bath, and an airy living area with an unusual bay window and custom-built cabinetry. The clients stipulated that the addition be easily convertible to complete handicapped accessibility as the need arises. Wheelchair maneuvering clearances are incorporated into the layout, making their bulky spacial requirements indiscernible. Shelves, closets, and counters are all designed with accessibility in mind, and a wheel-chair lift ensures movement between the three floor levels of the home.

As shown, a glass atrium crowns this space, which is adorned with custom crafted light fixtures and finished with hand-painted trompe-loeil walls. The atrium's aramatic form creates a visual focus while serving as a comfortable buffer between the two living units. Its glass surfaces bring the dynamic redwood setting into the house while capturing enough solar gain to provide heat to the house and apartment on chilly mornings. The new construction added 1,400 square feet of space.