Jewish Community  Center

Los Gatos, CA

SIZE: 107,542 s.f.

DATE: 1994

COST: $16,000,000

In 1994 the JCC embarked on an extensive needs survey in planning a massive renovation of the existing facilities. Their new program included a complete athletic facility, an activity center with a theater, deli, library and administrative offices, and larger facilities for the existing day school and Yavneh school.

MBA Architects' critical and creative approach to the expansion first divided the work into five phases. This approach would allow continuous use of the site during construction, permitting amenities to be added to the facilities and minimizing the operational expense of the existing facility. Further, this plan would permit on-going fundraising to accommodate separate building phases. This proposal was enthusiastically received by the JCC.

The new construction will be a dramatic reconstruction of the entire facility, replacing all of the existing structures. At final build-out, a large glass domed atrium on the activity center will be a landmark to visitors. The design concept revolves around separate facilities joined at the second floor level by a series of bridges. This concept creates a unified complex while providing privacy to the individual functions. It also creates an open, landscaped ground level that takes full advantage of outdoor activities offered at the JCC. Construction methods vary from post-tensioned concrete to wood framed construction. The work is planned to proceed over a four year period at a cost of 16 million dollars.