Kirk-Farrington  House

Sunnyvale, CA

SIZE: 490 s.f.

DATE: 1993

COST: $85,000

An assessment of the condition of this Italianate style farm-house resulted in a recommended master plan of prioritized care and maintenance. The most significant item to the restoration and preservation of this house was the construction of a complete new foundation.

This house serves as the headquarters for the local chapter of the Junior League and was continuously occupied throughout construction. Another significant part of restoration was the replacement of the widows walk balustrade on the entry portico roof deck. The balustrade was recreated from old historic photographs and forensic evidence obtained from the roof deck and other parts of the house. The balusters were individually lathe-worked to specifications MBA Architects determined. The entry portico had become seriously misaligned, separating from the house, and pulling apart its ornate baluster and frieze as it went. The portico was realigned and secured to a solid foundation. Together the repaired portico and its new roof top balustrade recreate a safe and elegant entry to this period house.